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Singularitas eliminates financial borders connecting people, and business, across the planet. Protect, borrow, and grow your digital assets.

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Singularitas supports the 21st century Business

Either you run an e-commerce website, a corner shop or an import/export company Singularitas will help you expanding and growing your business with:

Singularitas Wallet

The wallet will help you managing your finances allowing to transact with customers and suppliers:

  • - Do business with the whole world
  • - Earn interests on your digital assets
  • - Receive Bitcoin Loans
Bitcoin Loans

Apply for a Bitcoin loan and invest the funds in your business within a day. Get assessed on your business performance and save money from expensive fiat currency loans!

  • - Receive funds quickly in your wallet
  • - Repay fair interest rates
  • - Expand your business


Here are some of the most important milestones we've set up

Why Singularitas

Our goal is to connect people from across the world and to give everybody a chance to prosper

Instant Deposits

Move you digital asset seamlessy from your current wallet to Singularitas and start using it right away.

Singularitas Wallet

Use it for your personal or business transactions and earn interests on your crypto.

HODLERs Wallet

Leverage our AI algorithms to protect and grow your assets investing in thousands of coins.

24/7 Access

Receive and make payments from everywhere in the world and every day of the year.

Bitcoin Loans

Avoid waiting weeks to receive funds and paying high interest rates. Apply for a Bitcoin loan to expand and grow your business.


Benefit from the blockchain technology keeping your assets safe without bureocracy and queues


Open yourself to a world of opportunities

Leverage the blockchain power to spend and receive digital assets from all around the world. Expand your reach across borders with no additional effort than a national transaction, earn better than traditional banks interest rates and see your account grow.

Open a Singularitas wallet

The investment wallet for the HODLERs

We know how the market can swing wildly and how it can be difficult to identify the next promising token: avoid all the unnecessary anxiety and risks by using Singularitas HODLERs wallet. Protect your bag of coins and let them grow thanks to our AI algorithms that scan through thousands of tokens while maintaining the focus on Bitcoin.

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How Singularitas Bitcoin Loans work

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